In Pictures | Summer of 2015

MbM_SUMMER-2015_03Well hello!

Gosh – it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m not sure how it’s happened but the days, weeks and months of summer have gone and flown by ever so quickly that I’m shocked to see myself in September already! Mind you, a lot of it has been down to the nature of my work since going solo. Trying to juggle the many hats one has to wear being self-employed, managing all the varied project types, and somehow finding a balance between work and life has, admittedly, been a steep learning curve for me. It’s not that I was completely oblivious of what was to come with the new role but boy, I can’t get over how ‘time’ is even more of a luxury these days! ;)

Anyhoo, it’s been a somewhat ‘good’ busy summer regardless which is why I’ve let my blog slide a bit (whoops!). On the work front, it’s predominately been wedding related; for both clients and styled shoots, including some fun DIY collaborations with Laura Ashley (more to come on that!). I’ve also been trying to spend whatever spare time I have improving and exploring hand lettering styles, working on new stuff for my new print shop (slowly getting there!), making new connections for some fun collaborations in the pipeline….and not to mention getting my head around some business know-hows. And of course, we had birthday and anniversary milestones, day trips, BBQs and some much needed family time. Oooh and a kitchen makeover!

So yea – i’m definitely looking forward to some calmer days over the autumn months :) I’ll leave you with a few snapshots from some of the madness that was my summer…I hope you had a brilliant one too?

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]