Brooch beautiful!

For those who don’t know me as well, I have a huge love for brooches (well, any form of jewellery really!) which is probably on par with my love for shoes and bags! Anyway, in this case, these are regarded more like collectibles; some presented as gifts, others are heirlooms, vintage finds or bought from designer-makers who I’ve come across over the recent years. As you can see below, it’s quite an eclectic mix (and these are just a selected few from my growing collection!) that I’d sport depending on my mood or the type of occasion. I think if my paternal grandmother was around to see this, she’d be quite pleased to know I take after her! :) She loved brooches and I guess that’s probably where I’ve got it from! I must try and dig some more up as there are some lovely vintage ones that are worth sharing!BROOCHES_1-WEBBROOCHES_2-WEBThis is one of the most cherished brooches which my husband bought from me before we got married and I wore it as my something ‘old’ for our wedding. And coincidentally it went beautifully with my Indian outfit! This is a 1960s brooch which he bought from Rhinestones Jewellers in Dublin – now here’s one store I could totally lose myself for hours!!

{Glitz & Glam}


I’m not one for great amounts of bling or shiny things but I was pretty chuffed when I got this lovely gold sequinned capped-sleeve bolero (at a great bargain too!) especially after having wanted one like this quite some time ago. It’s a perfect piece of accessory for those days where you just want to glitz up your overall look by either teaming it up with a plain black dress for a formal dinner or with skinny jeans and a top for a night out. It’s not over the top but simple enough to exude a bit of glamour! :D So I’m looking forward to sporting this soon! As usual, I did use this opportunity to take plenty of photos (some of you may have seen them on IG) but here’s one for you guys :) 

[Weekend encounters]: Thrift shop finds

Hello folks! I hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend (for those in the UK) and managed to catch up on some much needed R&R as well as some sunshine if you were lucky! I for one had an amazing one having flown over to the green isles to visit the in-laws and the family. It was a surprise visit for the in-laws and seeing their not-sure-what-hit-them expressions when we turned up at their doorsteps was simply priceless! :) Anyway, my mother-in-law, myself and my husband had the whole day to ourselves on the Friday so we decided to go into town for a bit of window-shopping and spot of lunch. Well…the window shopping turned into an actual shopping spree (woops!) and our “spot of lunch” turned into a mighty big Greek feast…. nevertheless we had a ball of a time! :D

Oh and we managed to have a nosey through some thrift shops along the way where I picked up a few bits and bobs for the house at an absolute bargain (!) which you can see below. What do you think? I’m not sure if it’s in the hope of sunny weather but I’ve recently been adding pops of yellow through out the house (my last one was Tobyboo’s ‘Oranges & Lemons’ cushion cover) so the tea set, the milk jug and the sugar jar are a great addition to my growing collection! :) xDSC_2741 WEB DSC_2780 WEB DSC_2781 WEB DSC_2795 WEB