[DIY Special] A bit of watercolour magic

MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-4_MAINAfternoon lovelies! I have a special DIY tutorial for you this week courtesy of Preeya Stanley; also known as the paper-craft guru! :) For those of you who are new to my my blog (and/or missed my last post in June), Preeya is also officially an MbM contributor who will be sharing all her awesome card-making tricks with her quarterly guest posts…….and I’m delighted to share her next one today! Enjoy! xx



Hi Everyone,

Great to be back here with you on Made by Molu! I have a project for you today which is oh-so simple to do but looks trendy and elegant. I call it the “emboss-resist sentiment with watercolour”…….please let me know if you think up a better name. ha! Water-colouring has been a huuuuuge trend in design and in paper-crafting this past year. With free flowing, sheer quality of colour, you just let the water do all the work for you and you can’t really go wrong! It’s no wonder its been so popular.

So, you will need the following:

MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-4_suppliesWatercolour paper, A5 cardstock, a paint brush, some water colours (any old brand will do, as long as its pigmented enough), a sentiment stamp of your choice, Versamark ink, embossing powder and a heat gun. You may also need an iron- if you decide to go for the OMG factor. (I would)


Here’s what you do:


  1. Stamp your sentiment in Versamark ink on a piece of watercolour paper (mine is A5).
  2. Sprinkle over some clear embossing powder, and shake off the excess.
  3. Heat set this with your heat gun, and you should have a nice shiny raised sentiment.
  4. Next, tape down this watercolour panel to a steady surface using removable tape (either masking tape or washi tape will do- but remove some of the ‘stick’ by first applying it to your hands and ripping it off a few times. This way, it will not take any layers off the watercolour paper when you pull it off later) MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-4_2
  5. Time to get inky! Get your paintbrush and wet it with clean water. Apply just this water to your cardstock, brushing it over the sentiment in the shape that you wish for the colour to take when you apply it.
  6. Now, get some watercolour onto your brush and just touch the paint to your pre-wet paper and watch the colour flow. Add as much colour as you like. If you feel you would like a more definite line, use side to side or up to down motions with your paintbrush. The colour will flow freely into the areas that were already wet from your last application of water. Here I have gone for a two toned effect, starting with the blue at the top and fading to a lime green at the bottom. YOu will also see that your embossed sentiment will be resisting the watercolour and will remain white. The darker the colour, the more prominent the sentiment will appear.
  7. Leave to air dry.
  8. OPTIONAL OMG FACTOR: After your panel is totally dry (leave about 1 hour just to be safe)- For an added “wow!-how-on-earth…?”-effect from your recipient- You can iron off the embossing powder for a perfectly smooth, flat finish. Just take your panel over to your ironing board, place it down and put a piece of clean copy paper over it. Then, with your iron on high heat, iron over the piece of paper. after a few passes of the iron over the paper, you will see that the embossing powder has been absorbed by the copy paper. Take off the copy paper, and admire your perfectly smooth sentiment, magically inscribed amongst delicious pools of watercolour ;)
  9. You can now attach this panel to a card base and embellish as you please. I added some gold heart sequins and a strip of gold foil at the bottom of the card. MbM_PREEYA_TUTORIAL-4_3

[Image credit: ©Preeya Stanley]

Well, that’s all to it – I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and that you will give this simple technique a go. The results are so elegant!

Preeya x