Urban jungles | plant shelfies


This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge was to create a ‘plant shelfie’ which couldn’t be timed any more perfectly for me having recently put up a new shelving system, as part of our (rather slow) studio revamp we’ve been doing since the end of September. Once the shelves were up, I had relocated my DIY concrete planters with my succulents from our flat (along with a gazillion books and prints) so it made perfect sense to feature them (again) in their fresh new setting. And here they are, with some prints I made! (which, FYI, will hit my forthcoming online shop in the new year!) :)

I’ll try to get more photos of the newly revamped space once it’s completely done, styled and ready for the public eye! I just couldn’t resist using this as a way to resurface back on the blogosphere. I’ll be back with more….bear with me! :)

Enjoy the rest of your week folks! xx


[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

Styling the Seasons | June


Gosh, it feels like ages since I last participated in the Styling the Seasons monthly challenge even if i did technically only missed last month’s….and nearly this month too due to work commitments. So here’s my very last-minute June entry.

So, June normally means the start of summer to me, which includes picnics, peonies, strawberries, summer frocks, sandals, Wimbledon, Pimms n’ lemonade, ice cream, ice lollies, iced tea…well, you get the gist! Sadly, I didn’t really get much time to style all those summer elements into this month’s post but instead, having added a new little surfaces to the lounge area recently, I thought it would have to do as I didn’t want to miss another month. Sorry! But hey, I guess it means I’ll do all the summery prettiness for next month! :DMbM_STYLING-THE-SEASONS_Jun1502

Between the two of us, there’s an abundance of architectural and design books and magazines, so much so we’re struggling to find places to store them nicely (our shelves, window sills and bedside cabinets are their limits now) so I decided to bring the Frosta Ikea stool from the bedroom and out beside the couch to house some of the overflowing magazines. I’d much rather have the Alvar Alto Artec stool I’ve always dreamed of but for now, this little stool does the job perfectly.

I stacked magazines both under the stool and on top, placing a couple of my favourite succulents that I repotted in some DIY concrete planters. The planters were made for a recent shoot I directed but I’ll share more about that later…. in the form of a DIY tutorial!! (stay tuned for that!!) Don’t they look the part though? Perfectly architectural/industrial in all its concrete glory which I thought was apt pairing it with all the architectural/design magazines. And it does go nicely with all the greens and yellow hues we have in our rather neutral lounge.

Well, that’s it really. Not the most summery but it’s definitely a new styled surface!

So if you’d like to join in on the fun every month, all you have to do is style a surface area in your home (or workspace) and post a photo or two on any social media or blogging platform you’re on. Simply add the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons (preferably even tag Katy and Charlotte) with your entries so that it’s easily found. You honestly don’t have to be a pro at styling or photography (as you can clearly see here) to join in. It’s just a great way to get you motivated, inspired and embrace each month. In fact, there’s some great tips from Charlotte here if you need a bit of a nudge.

Happy styling folks and I hope all you Londoners are enjoying this cracking sunny weather we’re having this week!!! Enjoy! xxMbM_STYLING-THE-SEASONS_Jun1510

Urban jungles | a bout of green fingers

MbM_URBAN-JUNGLE-01It’s FRIDAY you guys!!! Are you as relieved and happy as I am that another week is coming to a close and you can pretty taste the weekend in the air? Well, I’m actually going to be working over the weekend…thankfully on some nice stuff for a shoot I’m working on next Monday so it’s not all too bad. I’ll share a few ‘work in progress’ later today.

Well, I’ve been meaning to write this post last week but work, life, etc keep getting the way, as it does. Slightly different from my usual posts but some of you may already know how I desperately keen I am on having plants indoors but more importantly, learning how to keep them alive! Sadly for me, my track record with plants isn’t the greatest…in fact, I have the reverse effect of the midas touch (if there’s a name for that!), killing anything in the space of a week-month! It’s gotten so incredibly frustrating that I’ve had to resort to artificial ones (and even dried flowers!) which really isn’t quite the same. I’m even tempted to make them out of paper! (like those billy buttons I made!)


I do love plants and flowers, and while I have lost all hope and patience of tending to them, I really enjoy having that bit of greenery and pops of colour within the house particularly when you don’t have much of that where you live.  And every year, at spring time, I get all eager bringing in seeds, bulbs and flowers only for them to wither away within weeks….once again, bursting all ounce of enthusiasm I have. I know I don’t have the knack for gardening but surely you’d think keeping a few plants alive in the house wasn’t exactly rocket science?! Seriously….what is wrong with me!! I used to get pretty upset over it thinking it badly reflected on me as a person not being able to keep something so simple, alive! Okay…a tad bit melodramatic…but you understand, right?

Anyway, it’s that time of the year again, and I decided that this year, I’d invest in a few more succulents and cacti…plants that are a little more hard-wearing and need less of the TLC from me. I know they’re all the range now at the moment which is really not why I got them but simply for the fact that I wanted some plants that would withstand the icy cold death vibes I omit! I have also been inspired by fellow bloggers who just seem to have the green-finger skills I secretly envy so much….and decided to jump  on the Urban Jungle Bloggers bandwagon. Coined by bloggers Igor Josif and Judith de Graaff, the concept behind ‘urban jungle bloggers’, is basically a monthly series where they and other bloggers share their urban jungles, through styling, DIYs and tips as a source of inspiration….kind of like ‘styling the seasons’ but for plants. So I thought this would be a perfect incentive to improve on my gardening, plant-tending skills…..well, there’s me hoping anyway! I’ve actually created an ‘urban jungle’ board on Pinterest now (have a nosey if you fancy) and been actively pinning since last week, so hopefully its all onwards and upwards from here! :)


So far, all my succulents and cacti are still alive and kicking…although I did panic the other day seeing a few of the lower leaves of the larger succulents turn brown but then I was told that’s normal (phew!).

The most recent thing I got excited about is this BEAUTIFUL copper planted by Geo-Fleur which I bought from Renegade Craft Fair a few weeks back. I’ve always had a love affair with copper and combined with the plant obsession I’m going through at the moment, it really was meant to be.  Thankfully, my husband liked it just as much and was pleased with the purchase. So yeah, I’ve got it up hanging in our dining area and can’t stop admiring it! It also ties in nicely with the succulent and aloe vera I have on the table. In fact, I’ve recently spruced up an old enamel bowl to turn into a hanging planter for the kitchen when I have my little makeover in June (more on that later) and plan on potting a range of succulents in that but for the next few weeks I’ll have on the dining table until the kitchen is done. I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress. MbM_URBAN-JUNGLE-09

What do you think? I’m trying not to get too eager by buying too many plants all at once but start slowly until I get better at looking after the ones I have right now, but it’s already making me happier seeing all the greenery in the house, which is exactly what your home should do. So whether I’m more in love with planters than plants…either way, I hope it helps eradicate my plant-killer title!

Well, if like me, you want to improve or give yourself an incentive to grow more plants in your home, then join in on the #UrbanJungleBlogger fun by signing up to their mailing list. Each moth, they’ll give you a topic to explore and you use that to style, create, etc with your indoor plants. This month’s topic is ‘offer a plant to a friend‘, exploring the different ways you could create a green gift! I’d love to partake in that if time permits with these two big editorial styled shoots I have next week, otherwise, definitely next month!

Have a lovely Friday xx


 [Image credit: ©MadebyMolu]