[D.I.Y. Real Weddings] The full stationery suite


Okay, remember me telling you that I’d have more photos of the wedding stationery I had designed for our friend’s gorgeous Buckinghamshire country wedding last September? Well, here they are! I’m delighted to finally share a few shots of the entire suite I created which consisted of, both Day and Evening Invitations, RSVPs, adult + child-friendly Menus , Order of Service and all the embellishments that tie it all together nicely with the other DIY design elements you saw in the official wedding photos I shared back in November.


I must say I do love a bit of stationery design, whether its weddings, business or even inspirational. It’s where I get to full immerse myself in various unique styles and personalities to come up with something that compliments it all. It’s both challenging and fun….and the more I get to do them, the more I love it! So, if you’re looking to get any tailor-made stationery designed, then you know where to find me! :)

Have a lovely Monday folks! xx

[All photography by Jo Crawford]


[Our D.I.Y. Wedding] The invitations

MbM_wedding-invitations (web)So after a few weeks of designing and several print runs followed by two weekends of assembling, I am pleased to say that the wedding invitations were successfully all posted out to their recipients!

Really delighted with how they turned out; we kept the overall design quite simple but still reflecting the ‘fusion’ elements with the geometric celtic-indian patterns and our chosen colour palette. And the best part of all this was having the personalised stamps made on the designs we came up with; the silouettes of our heads and the postal stamp bearing our wedding date, just to add that extra bit of personalised touch and handmade factor to the Invitation pack. FYI – I am officially a huge fan of rubber stamps!!! :) The ‘silhouette heads’ stamp was custom made by The English Stamp Co. and the ‘postal date stamp’ was ordered on Etsy.

Seeing as most of our guests were coming over to Scotland for the first time, it was essential that we provided all the information we could to make their journey and time over much easier and less daunting. No matter how many weddings you attend, and from personal experiences, you’d be surprised how lost you can be sometimes which is why I do think it’s always nice to give your guests a good idea of how the big day/weekend pans out especially if it’s a destination wedding. So along with the Invitation and the RSVP, we provided a little ‘Particulars’ booklet that included information on the venues (this was shown on a clear map so they could see exactly where they were located), accommodation, travel arrangements, wedding day itinerary and key contact details. We also decided on creating a wedding website too (the link we provided on the ‘particulars’) that provided more detailed information for our guests for the few days they were going to be over for, including ‘things to do’, ‘what to pack’, ‘dress code’ etc. B was in charge of this one and did a fabulous job at assembling it and tying in all the design elements we used on the invitations. Anyway, you can have a look yourself and tell us what you think. xx

MbM_Our-wedding_invitations_2-(web) MbM_Our-wedding_invitations_3-(web)   [Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]