{Paris in Pictures}

COVER-PAGEWell, I can’t actually believe that it’s been a week already since being in Paris – in fact this day last week we literally arrived back in London! I’ve been meaning to post a handful of photos from our visit last week but have been so busy with other work I had no choice but to leave it till the weekend. Anyway, here’s a few I took using my iPhone to give you a little snapshot of our four-day trip, from when we set off from London! I can’t tell you how much we both enjoyed Paris – we walked, cycled, ate and drank our way around and despite exploring much of Paris by foot and two wheels, there’s still so much to and see……..so it looks like we’ll definitely be back for more! :) I’m currently drawing up a little map pinpointing all the places we explored, which I hope to share on here soon. In the meantime……happy browsing through my little visual diary of events! :)

For more street-style photography of Paris hop on over to our photography blog and let us know what you think! xx

[Image Credit: ©Made by Molu]

[Paris je t’aime]: More on our trip, coming soon!!

paris-with-love_MbM [Image credit: Made by Molu | Mr. Jacques brooch by And Smile]

Back from Paris today and I miss it already! We’ve had an amazing four days of walking, cycling, eating and drinking our way through the city (mostly the North) which I will share with you on here over the next week or so – judging by the number of photos taken, it may have to be over a few posts! So, in the meantime I bid you all a good night and I shall be back with more visual treats from Paris! Bon nuit!!! xx