Gathered Cheer Social | An East London escapade

MbM_GATHERED CHEER_E.LONDON_HEADERLast Saturday, Amy (of Daisy Fay Interiors) and I, hosted our very first East London bloggers meet up in conjunction with Ruth’s Gathered Cheer events. Each of these creative/social meet ups, held at least 2 or 3 times a year, take place in various locations and are hosted by local bloggers….so with East London being our turf, we took the lead on this one! If you’ve missed my earlier posts of some of the gathered cheer socials I’ve attended before, they are basically an opportunity for bloggers and creatives to meet, mingle, collaborate, inspire and just have a jolly good day out. The groups are normally 7-10 people which make it more personal and less daunting for those who aren’t normally comfortable with large-scale events. MbM_GATHERED CHEER_E.LONDON_13

[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

So our little escapade began with us meeting at Liverpool Street station and then meandering our way through Shoreditch, checking out all the prominent street art the area is known for, the independent boutiques and vintage stores, along with eateries like the old Beigel Shop which was a much-needed elevenses pit stop for us! We then moved on to Redchurch street to nosey through shops and have a good natter over coffee at Barbour & Parlour. Then onto Columbia Road for more cute independent shops and a lunch break at Jone’s Dairy Cafe. With our bellies full up we moved north through Hackney Road and onto Broadway Market. Well here’s a few photos that summed up our day of gallivanting in around East London. I’ve also mapped out our route on a map I illustrated, which you’ll find at the end of the post.





[All Images: ©MadebyMolu]

I’ve had such a blast hanging out with all the girls who came along; Nancy, Zeena, Katie, Ruth and my partner in crime, Amy! Thanks for a super fun day ladies….here’s to many more bagels, vintage store hopping, snap chat antics, and all round giggles and goofing around!

If you’d like to partake on future Gathered Cheer socials, keep an eye out on the event page of Ruth’s website! xx

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Gathered Cheer Social | Brighton

MbM_GCS_Brighton-01So last week, I embarked on a little day trip to Brighton for the third Gathered Cheer Social hosted by the lovely Ruth of Gathered Cheer. I had sadly missed the second one that took place out in Hastings as I was still in DC that weekend so I was looking forward to this catch up session. For those of you who may have missed my post on the first event, then this event is basically a social gathering for bloggers on a much smaller scale so you get to meet and really know more about your fellow blogger, and of course chat about everything under the sun in a much more laid back atmosphere….perfect for those who find bigger events rather overwhelming.

On this event, we had the blogger Emma of A Quiet Style (if you aren’t already following her, I’d recommend you do so as she does have the most beautiful sense of styling and photography! Her feed is just stunning) be our guide as we meandered through the streets of Brighton…and all the lovely quaint shops! Workshop and Igigi General Store being my two favourites!!! I thought I’d share a few photographs on here if you haven’t already seen them floating about on social media. So nice to be out with folk who are just as obsessed with taking photos as I am….and not have to explain why you’re on the floor or squeezing into tight spaces to capture THAT key shot!! :DMbM_GCS_Brighton-15



MbM_GCS_Brighton-20 MbM_GCS_Brighton-21

MbM_GCS_Brighton-18 MbM_GCS_Brighton-10

A huge thank you to Ruth for organising such a wonderful day out and to Emma for hosting….and to the lovely ladies for the fun company! It really was nice to see old friendly faces, meet new ones and put a face to the name in many cases. We had Sarah-Lou from Lapin Blu, Julia of Humphrey & Grace, Zoe of Beautiful Simplicity, Cally of Happy Little Feather, and Alexis of Something I Made… check out their blogs when you get the time.

There will be more Gathered Cheer Social events coming up. If you’re a London/South East England blogger and would like to join in on the next one , do sign up to the mail list so you are notified of all the upcoming gatherings….and maybe I’ll see you at one of them! :)

Have a wonderful week! xx

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Gathered Cheer Social | West London


Last Sunday, I met up with a few fellow bloggers for a lovely catch up over brunch. As part of her new venture, Ruth of Gathered Cheer conjured up the idea of organising smaller get-togethers for bloggers, where they can meet up, have fun and inspire each other without the formalities you would find at much larger networking events. What I love the most about it is that it gives you the chance to get to know each other better which would normally be quite tricky on a larger scale, and many cases rather overwhelming if you’re not used to mass mingling!

I met most of the ladies here at larger events and workshops such as Blogtacular, Blognic, Crafting the Seasons and many more, so to meet up as a small group of 6-10 around a table at the hosts’ s house was so much more fun, intimate, informal and relaxed. We chatted about everything under the sun, from relationship and work gossip to the handiest DIY tips! ;)

So the first of the gatherings was held at Teri’s sunny west London flat and as always, it was such fun catching up with everyone again; Ruth from Gathered Cheer, Katy from Apartment Therapy, Charlotte from Lotts and Lots, Amy from Daisy Fay Interiors and Lynne from Papermash. The food was incredibly scrumptious which comes to no surprise as Teri’s just a genius when it comes to any kind of cooking and baking…..if you haven’t been lucky enough to have tried any, you’ll see a lot of her creations on her blog!


We had the most delightful time that day, as you can see from these gorgeous photos Teri took and was kind enough to let me share on here. I’m totally all for the smaller gatherings and cannot wait for the next ones lined up: A day trip to Hastings next month hosted by Jeska from Lobster and Swan (this I will be sadly missing) and another in June with Emma from A Quiet Style in Brighton, which I’m looking forward to, having never been to Brighton before!

These events are open to other bloggers out there so if you wish to meet like-minded folk in a smaller and relaxed groups then this is perfect for you. Do bear in mind that with the numbers kept small and spaces available on first come first serve basis you will need to check the ‘Events Page‘ or sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date on upcoming events and make your bookings accordingly.

Hopefully, I’ll get to meet you one or more of these gatherings! :)

Thanks again to Ruth for organising a wonderful meet up and to Teri for hosting an incredible brunch! And of course, to all the lovely ladies for the great banter and giggles! xx


 [All Images: ©The Lovely Drawer]

{Weekend Encounters} Afternoon Tea with fellow bloggers

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_1On Sunday, I hosted a little meet-up with a few fellow bloggers that I had met over the course of the year at various occasions and events, and thought it would be nice to be able to catch up with them properly at a more intimate gathering. I had been meaning to organise something for quite a while so boy, was I really glad it finally took place last weekend!

I decided to throw an Afternoon Tea affair at mine – while I was excited at the prospect of putting everything together for a group of lovely ladies I must admit I was also ridiculously nervous about things going wrong or not being able to get everything done in the time I had. The few weeks in the run up to it had been manic too so finding the time to plan for this afternoon proved a lot trickier than expected! Anyway, come Friday night, I sat myself down and went through the list of things that needed to be done, telling myself to keep it simple so that I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed by it all. I spent the Saturday afternoon and evening catching up on chores and preparing for the next day (it was like a crazy-fied episode of the Great British Bake off in the kitchen I tell you!) I don’t think I’ve ever baked so much in my lifetime! …..I reckon, it’s all the icing sugar in the air I was inhaling that evening that kept me going! :P

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_9AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_8And gosh, what a wonderful afternoon it turned out to be! So there was Jo and Amy who I knew from Blookclub, Ché, Nicole, and Reema who I met on Ché’s Photo Hunt event, Marie who was on Michelle’s Eat & Snap event with me, and Teri who I recently got to know at Blogtactular! Some of them had met each other before, and others for the first time but weirdly most of us had a mutual friend or two that kind of linked us all together – it’s such a small world after all!

So yea, it really was such a delight catching up with everyone properly, chatting about everything and anything (from boys to books to business essentials) over copious amounts of tea, cakes and Pimms! :) It’s times like this that remind me how great the last couple of years have been for me, just being able to meet so many like-minded people from the blogosphere. And just by making that little bit of effort to find the time to meet and mingle, you’ll soon find that you have a wonderful network of amazingly talented and genuine people, many of whom you are fortunate enough to call friends.

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_6 AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_7 AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_5AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_10

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the lovely ladies who made it over for the afternoon tea and making the afternoon a ball of fun. I cannot tell you how much of a buzz Sunday’s Shenanigans left me with, so much so that I’m already looking forward to the next meet-up! I’ve got a few ideas in my head so I can’t wait to get organising when I’m back from the US!! :)

And thank you soo much to Jo, for letting me use her amazing photos as I was just too busy playing hostess and nattering away to take photos….which is SO not like me at all! :) I guess it only proves we were all having far too much fun! Here’s to great company and great banter!

AfternoonTea_JoCrawford_LR_3 [Image credit: ©Jo Crawford Photography]