[D.I.Y. Home] ‘You & Me’ Cushion Covers

Remember those ‘You & Me‘ designs I had done on the tea towels from Zeena’s screen-printing workshop earlier in the year (if not, have a look here)? Well, I finally got round to making cushion covers out of them, as planned,  after ordering the right fabric for the back panel (100% Cotton), zips and the cushion inserts.  So this is how they turned out. FYI – one is portrait and the other is landscape simply because I had printed the designs in portrait by accident! That being said, it does make an interesting cushion! :) Let me know what you think of these and if because I intend to add my very own range of cushion covers (both printed and hand-sewn) to my upcoming Etsy shop!!! I’m working long and hard on setting up the shop so I cannot wait to share the big launch with you very soon! But if in the meantime, you like the looks of this and want something similar, then I’m all open for commissioned work – the more the merrier! :D xx

BLOG_STRIP_you&me_cushion-WEB BLOG_STRIP_you&me_cushion2-WEB[Image Credit: Made by Molu, all rights reserved]